Eric Leiderman, co-founder of Masorti on Campus, visits Camp Ramah


July 24, 2016

Dear friends,

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending Shabbat at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. Not only does Ramah Berkshires have a person connection to me, having grown up there, but Camp Ramah as a whole plays a crucial role in a lot of the what we do on campus. It is often said that Ramah is the great success story of Conservative Judaism, but what makes Ramah the success that is? I believe that it is the continuity of camp, the campers who grow up to be counselors and the counselors who stay to become Roshei Edah (division heads) and even camp directors.

My trip to camp was not just to get in my Ramah fix for the summer, but to meet with staff: the majority of whom are currently in or entering college. Speaking with a range of people about their experiences compared to their expectation of Jewish life on campus was truly rewarding. It is more clear to me now of the need for Masorti on Campus and the support we can give to students and their communities.

As the new academic year approaches we are hard at work putting together a full calendar of events and activities, some like our annual Shabbaton and others like the World Wide Wrap. Bringing students together, sometimes geographically and other times as part of the larger community which binds us all.

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Kol tuv,


Eric M. Leiderman

Co-founder & Interim Executive Director