November 5, 2013

Shabbaton Project

Student Leadership Training

Masorti on Campus’s first major project is bringing world class leadership training to our students. We are committed to promoting the growth of educated and thoughtful Jewish young adults, and building a network for traditional-egalitarian, aka Masorti/Conservative, and pluralistic Jewish communities on North American college campuses. Our students share values such as the love of Torah, devotion to social justice, and dedication to community and Israel. These principles are the pillars holding up the future of Judaism. Using established communities as our starting point, and the students-hosting-students model, our intercampus network is developing a series of regional and national Shabbatonim to be coordinated with the help of on campus Jewish life organizations.

Building on the success of our first Student Leadership Shabbaton in February 2014 at JTS/Columbia University, we did it again with our 2nd annual Shabbaton in February 2015 at the University of Maryland. Changing the model slightly our 3rd large scale Shabbaton was hosted by Hofstra University in June 2016. Taking our Shabbaton project back to basics, we held our 4th Shabbaton at Rutgers University in February 2017, while smaller in size and scope we reached a record number of campuses.

We are proud of the work our student and lay leaders have accomplished in just a few short years. Each year we plan to present student leaders with new opportunities to learn strategies for how to continue building meaningful, close-knit traditional-egalitarian campus communities.

Please help students attend this and future Shabbatonim by making a donation.

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