Shana Tova from your friends at Masorti on Campus!


Shana Tova from your friends at Masorti on Campus!

Dear Friends,

We hope you all had a wonderful summer and that your semesters are off to a great start! Over the last few months we have worked nonstop to build the foundation for a new, student run, college campus program for Masorti/Conservative Jewish life: Masorti on Campus. Some of the work we have done has included meeting with the heads of the various institutions, organizations, agencies, and programs of the Conservative Movement here in the United States and the Masorti Movement around the world. Figuring out what we need and what we want as young Jewish adults is, of course, a lot more challenging than organizing global conference calls or flying halfway around the world (and back). There are many exciting plans in the works and we would like to gauge your interest for those possible in 2014/5774. We are looking forward to a year of renewal for ourselves, our campuses, and our community as a whole.

Please help us figure out what you are interested in by filling out our short interest form!

Shana Tova,

Masorti on Campus